WinqBid believes in producing winners! We do this by helping you get more for less. When we see a great hotel with a room that will remain vacant for the night, we know there is no winner in that situation (and we seriously distaste waste). So we want to give you the opportunity to be a winner by taking advantage of this opportunity for a better travel experience. Like the spontaneously booked motel getaway that somehow turned into a five star hotel stay with too many amenities to count, or like the business meeting that went so incredibly well because you impressed your clients with the luxurious hotel you’re staying in. By allowing you to bid on vacant rooms, WinqBid brings you amazing hotel deals at incredibly low rates directly on your mobile device, for tonight, tomorrow and anytime up to a week out.

Bidding on WinqBid gives you absolute control over how much you’re going to pay, what type of hotel experience you’ll have and the quality of memories you’ll make on your travels. That hotel you wish you could stay at is literally in your hands, as WinqBid makes it ridiculously easy to be a winner by giving you the choice of how far you’re willing to go in order to win. It’s win-win… just how we like it!

So… what will you do with all the savings?

WinqBid®. Everybody Wins™.

Available now for iOS and Android.