Because everybody wants to be a winner and get more for less! But nobody wins when a hotel room is left empty and bidding for a better quality experience just makes more sense than paying more and settling for less. Not only are rates better because the rooms might otherwise go unsold, but wining a higher quality consumer experience at a discounted rate gives you the opportunity to have an experience that would otherwise be out of your budget to indulge in. Like that budgeted trip to Vegas that somehow also turned into a pampered luxury stay at a top rated hotel. Like the spontaneously booked motel getaway for this coming weekend in Lake George that somehow ended up being a stay at a five star hotel with too many amenities to count. Like the business meeting that went well because you impressed your clients with the hotel you’re staying in. These are just some of the many reasons to go for the win and get the best your money can buy!
“Last Minute” means that you can bid on a hotel stay that is within a week, while auctions labelled “Tonight” are for same day check-in (with bidding beginning as early as the midnight before check-in).
While “Tonight” auctions are a perfect way to get a great price at a great hotel, we also offer “Last Minute” auctions of up to 7 days out in order to empower even people who need more planning and have less flexibility in their scheduling. Up to a week out makes sense to us for finding that perfect balance between efficient planning and great deal making.
Yes! In fact, you must choose a room type since bidding is room specific and you are guaranteed the chosen room type or better. However, that being said, in order to bring you the best last-minute rates possible, some hotels will offer bidding on an unspecified room category, in which case this will clearly be stated. In such an event, your room type will be assigned at check-in.
Every auction shows how much time is left until the bidding is over and winners are notified. As long as the auction is live, you may continue to place a new bid. Typically, auctions will end sometime before the hotel’s check-in time, although some may end in the evening time.
Yes, you can bid in as many auctions as you like at the same time. Once bidding is over and winners are declared, you may choose to book the winning rate you want and simply forfeit the others.
This feature allows you to quickly raise the bid by the next minimal increment required without having to manually input an amount. For bidders who don’t have a set max amount they are willing to go up to, this is a convenient way to enter a new bid if you have been outbid by someone else.
Yes you may! In the booking process you will be given an opportunity to enter the name of the guest checking-in that will appear on the reservation as well.
For sure! However, keep in mind that you’re winning bid rate applies only towards the first night of your stay, you may book for as many nights as the hotel permits and you will be charged the published nightly rate the hotel offers under its best price guarantee. Simply choose the full dates you desire in the calendar before you begin bidding for your first night. Booking multiple nights with WinqBid is a great idea, as the hotel may surprise you by granting special discounts and offers on your additional nights!
We've seen time and time again that rates drop at the last minute, as the rooms may otherwise go unsold. But even in the cases where rates don’t change, availability sure does! So the answer to this question would depend on your particular accommodation needs and flexibility of schedule. The hotels featured on our app are always changing, so if you see something you like, there is no way to make sure you get it other than going for it right then and there! In advance or last minute, either way, you always win with us.
Yes. In the search bar you may input the name of the hotel you wish to bid on. You may also use the filter option to narrow down your search results to specific hotels.
Yes, of course! You can choose to be notified before or at start time of the bidding time. You can also set a reminder to be alerted if a room at any hotel in the region you want has an auction for the date you will be arriving.
Not at this time. Unfortunately, there is no way as of yet for us to allow this without compromising the fairness of the process for other users. We are working on adding this possibility in future builds.
Bookings won with WinqBid are subject to the hotel’s individual policies on each room’s guest capacity. This information is room specific and is indicated in the information details of every room which you can see before bidding. When you begin your search you can input a guest amount and the results will display only hotels with rooms that can accommodate your additional guest quantity.
Your card will be processed and charged immediately upon being notified that you are the winning bidder and a confirmed reservation is secured at the hotel on your behalf.
All submitted bids and confirmed winning bookings are final. We state very clearly that all bookings are non-refundable and we warn customers before the purchase is confirmed. We don’t intend to be mean about it, but this is the only way we can keep offering a better product for less and keep the bidding process fair to everyone involved.
Yes! If the hotel you have chosen will allow you to pay with points, then this option will be enabled in their auctions. For some hotels you may input your membership information before bidding and the points will be automatically deducted from your account upon winning, while others will collect the points from you at time of check-in. If you do not have sufficient points, you will be required to pay the remaining balance in regular currency.
Yes! As long as it was indicated in the auction that the hotel will accept points as a valid form of bidding and payment in this auction. Upon winning you will be automatically charged for the currency portion, while the points may be deducted automatically as well or collected at time of check-in by the hotel.
You should since there is no middle man and you are booking directly with the hotel itself. However, each hotel is different when it comes to their rewards accrual rules, so this would be subject to their internal policies.
Yes. On the bottom of the “What’s up for auctions?” screen for each hotel, there is an option to skip the bidding and book now. Your rate will be the rate that is published by the hotel itself and your booking will still be made with the hotel itselfPlease note though that once you submit a bid it is final and cannot be undone, so if you wish to skip the bidding and book now, make sure to do it after you have been notified on the status of your bid so as to avoid multiple bookings.
Our partners are chosen because of their willingness to work together with us on offering a pricing structure that provides more quality to the guest for less dent in their wallets by maximizing their vacancies and allowing you to pay a rate that you freely choose, control and is within your own budget.
Hotels whose pricing structures and quality levels don’t meet the sweet spot that allows us to offer you more for less, simply don’t make the cut.
If your payment is declined you will forfeit your winning rate to another user. However, if you have an additional card that was already previously stored in your account, then you will be given a window of 2minutes to choose an alternate card for payment before permanently forfeiting your winning bid.
Our understanding is that this is not supposed to happen. This is true regardless of how you book your room, through WinqBid or any other booking site/app out there. That being said, your booking on WinqBid is directly with the hotel itself and there is no middle man. So in the event that such a situation somehow occurs, as would be true in any such case, please see the hotel’s policy on this matter and how they resolve it.
Hotels that are new or haven’t received a great deal of feedback (one way or the other), simply haven’t caught our rating and review team’s attention.
Hotels typically keep a credit card on file for incidental charges that you may incur during your stay (like room service and other incidental charges). Your ID is typically always required for check-in at most hotels.
You can check out our blog to see what countries and cities we currently have participating hotels in. You can also be certain that our teams are working around the clock to make additional countries and cities available soon to our users.
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